Obviously I am exagerating when I say six months, it will take a little more time than that. What I am saying is this company is in big trouble. They haven't shown any ability to earn very much  money in twelve years. They recently issued shares to stay in business and to finance movie deals to launch a less than impressive 3DGO. If and when the next financials appear, you will get another shock to see  revenues from Black Friday and the Xmas season are not what you expected. If sales were good , or impressive they would be in a hurry to let us know. If they could fix what is wrong in a short time with 3DGO, they would tell us. Since they keep a lid on everything and pretend that "all is right " with the world and " why are we so negative?" I , as a shareholder and poster on this board am saying that it "ain't so." You can say what you want, but the company is failing the people who supported it the most. I am saying that unless these next financials show these clowns can bring in a lot more than they did last quarter and prove that 3DGO will work, then ya, the writing is on the wall and time is heavily against us. Sugar coat it anyway you want, but this was a big slap in investors faces and everything is "not all right" Patience ,I've been patient , the last year has been excruciating and I'm fed up with delay after delay. It's time to see SOMETHING from these guys other than promises of a great future. There, I've said it, and I feel better. Was that clear enough? if not ,here's what I mean in 4 words. SHOW ME THE  MONEY           .25 / share  What I've heard for the last year , is that by now we will be at least .80 / share. Right now,as I don't see how we are going to get there, and I'm very disturbed about it. You should be too.