These guys fold in six months. With their current burn rate and no increase in revenues and of course their 3DGO failure, how can they last longer? Twelve years in business and no revenue. They are probably sparing no expense to make this work, but there is a limit to the resources , not to mention the patience of TCL,Hisense,Visio and any one who is watching. If 3DGO is not to be their main income producer, what the hell is?  If you tell me it's those 3 and the sale of their tv's, they will drop these guys faster than you can say "Jimminy Cricket" By the way , where the hell is Disney, or Universal?

Sensio: over to you- your response please? Say or do something or I BET these guys are history in less than six months. I also bet you won't hear an announcement about the financials unless they have fixed this and feel they have something "good " to say. Watch how they just disapear and we are left holding our "Bargain" shares of nothing, while Routhier retires and lives happily ever after in some tax free country.