I am a first time poster but started buying Sensio when it was over $2 and have followed the discussions over the years.

My understanding of Sensio is that it is an encode/decode process and there has never been anything for a Sensio-equiped TV to display: i.e. Vizio has not been able to show the superior video of Sensio. So, it is difficult to generate high fees from TV Manufacturers who are not able to demonstrate the superiority of the techology. In my mind, it is like a computer missing the software, and until 3Dgo is up and running it will continue to be 'a good idea', but the story will only followed by 3d enthusiasts. Those folks want to be able to download quality 3d films and show off to their friends (who will then want the same).

Currently, there is no visible difference in a Sensio-equiped TV and one without because there are no Sensio encoded films available for home TV. That, I believe, is the main problem in the business plan. Maybe the Manufacturers pay a smaller fee until there is something to show, and then the fees go up? I hope they address this tomorrow or, at least, finalize a date for the start of 3DGO.