Thanks! It is always good to get reminded what has happened but trust me, I did not spend the last few years in the woods or the desert. Although I did not post on this board, I did follow Sensio very closely. The fact is that for a while, there was nothing to post with the exception of some rumours that took forever to materialize. I don't post rumours. I left the board but I did not left this stock, it is painful as you can imagine but I believe in this technology. The challenge for this start up resides in elevating the capacity of the company to execute on the sales & marketing piece and to be creative. It is one thing to create a great product... it is something else to market it successfully.. History is full of great products that never made it. Since July I see improvements but my expectation is that Sensio have to accelerate the pace now. When you have a 3D Switch patent that has been tested and for which many OEM are in infringements, when you have the best distribution technology for all viewing platforms, when you have exclusive high quality content to distribute on your own platform, when you have solutions that addresses the users needs of simplicity (Autodetect) it means that you have built a superb portfolio. It is now time to market this superb technology portfolio, create the need at the consumer level, develop strong and real partnerships with OEM and generate profitable sales. Hopefully they have the right team in place to do all this and the right team in place to make sure the financial community understand what is going on, from the CEO to the CMO, the CFO, the CTO, the Director of sales and marketing, the consultants, everybody else..