Helene, I see that the cat is still alive! Good to hear that you are as positive as I am, I remember we did chat about Sensio a while back. Good to hear from you. About Blu Ray, this is a dying technology I think and VODs and IPTV,... will just kick their but. In order to kick their but in 3D they will need a way to carry the 3D signal. After that part, we could have a long discussion and many debates on what it could take for Sensio to become that preferred way to carry a 3D feed or at least a recognized method that all OEM incorporate in their tv, similar to what they do for sounds with Dolby, DTS, .. all being incorporated. I think 3DGO! is a very compelling reason why that should justify for every OEM that they should integrate SIO HIFI in every single 3D enabled product (tv, smart phone, tablet, ...) because it is an added value to what they sell and it helps them sell more and increases top and bottom line. Have a good one.