Orbite is set to take off here soon.  Chart looking very bullish.

I'm playing HAO on that move.  When ORT breaks out (and i expcet that very soon)  I expect a break above its annual highs of $3.90 and then a test of the $5.70 top not long after.  I don't think it will get through that $5.70 level and stay above it in 2013 but will test it.

I believe HAO will easily touch 9-10 cents on the breakout of ORT past $3.90 and will potentially hit 15 cents when ORT is testing all time highs.

HAO is much riskier, but with ORT the potential is a 100%+ return and with HAO its 500+%.  Its a speculative play.  HAO knows how to promote and they are in a good position to do so on this project.

We are moving back to a Risk-On scenario in the markets which i think will play out for 3-4 months.

Lets see how it goes.