i dont disagree with you on a lot of your points Garfield.

you obviously don't have any cash in your portfolio that you put into speculative stocks and that great.

i like putting a bit into the risky stuff.  you don't nail every one but when you do it makes up for it.

you are a conservative investor.  i have conservative investments as well.  don't get that mixed up with speculative investment which is what the majority of TSX V is. its not for everyone.

You are right their claims are worthless unless they prove a resource.  that is what drilling is for.  they just finished a drill program and released results on friday that were not too shabby.

we all get to make our own choices and have our own opinions.  

I believe orbite is going to make a big move in the next few weeks.  (up to old highs around $5).  If it does i believe HAO will pop to aound 9-10 cents, possibly even 15 in the short term.  thats a 5 bagger.

as a speculative play, i think HAO has very good risk reward.  50% downside 500% upside in the shorter term.  thats what spec is all about.