I'll tell you what ... I'll invest in HAO when:

- They change their management team. The reputation of the present managers is permanently damaged. 

- They are listed on the TSX.

- They have a positive cashflow.

- They have assets that are worth something (their actual permits are worth nothing if they can't exploit them properly). 


As it stands right now, even with Orbite's much higher share price, I would choose Orbite because they have assets that are actually worth something:

- Competent managers.

- Their permits are worth something ( a NI 43-101 compliant report - 1 billion tonnes of aluminous clay).

- A production plant.

- Intellectual property rights.

- They are not listed in Vancouver (TSX-V)


The first mistake a lot of people make is to look at the share price of a company instead of the market cap. The risk-reward ratio for HAO is not worth it ... even at 3 cents, HAO is too expensive.

I like to invest, not gamble and pray.