you are exactly right.  orbite isn't going to buy anything unless its economic to them.

thats whay HAO is drilling.  they had their first crack and hit some nice grades.  good start.

for a 3 cent stock its worth is to me to take the risk.  i think they are in the right place at the right time.

yes orbites HPA plant only requires about 5 tones per day.  but they are planning on building SGA plants too.  ten of them over the longer term in the region.  the first one will be 7000 tonne per day or 2.5MM tonne per year.

HAO claims are right in the middle of Orbites zones.   if they hit some high grade then they have a winner.  if not its 3 cents.   i'm willing to take a risk.  if you put your dividend stock money in this you are crazy.  

5 bagger is 15 cents.  orbite has to get to 40 bucks to see the same gain.  the risk profie is way different but hey this is a penny stock.  

If you don't like the risk don't buy it.  But you won't find this kind of short term potential in a larger cap dividend paying stock.