cripes the bashers are coming out in full force i guess there must be a few who are looking at getting in...


HAO is into base and precious metals.  They have been for about 5 years.  yes they were in oilsands before that.  they are not the first company to switch sectors.  look at back in 2000 when half the resource companies turned into internet stocks overnight.    They stayed in the resource sector and switched commidities 5 years ago i'm sure they were not the first ones!  Maybe they saw more potential in that move.

Any tier two company on the venture exchange that has to rely on equity financing has to have that 'going concern' clause in their financials.    Go check ANY junior exploration company and you will find that in their filings so nice try.

I'm not sure what you are all in a tizzy about.   They staked claims right next to an exceptional project (Orbite)   they raised money in the equity markets.   along with their geologist they developed an exploration plan which involved survey, sampling, and then drilling.  they hired a driller and executed on that.  they hit some good stuff in the drill results  (hence the 20% gain on just under 5 million shares traded)

man i could think of a lot more things to be choked at management for!!!    this is what they are supposed to be doing.  providing an opportunity to make a return for their shareholders.

wow.   nice argument.

nobody is forcing shares down anyones throat.  if you don't like what they have don't buy it.  easy as that.  is it risky?   duh!    but does it have big upside from 3 cents?  yup.  this isn't blue chip stuff.  its speculative.  if you are putting your kids college money into any speculative stock you need a slap upside the head.  this is risk money not income generating retirement money.

its painful to have to explain all this.... like dealing with a bunch of kids.  if you cant handle risk don't buy it.  if you need income by dividend paying stocks. if you like the chance to see a five bagger in a few months then stick around. its a penny exploration stock.  don't try and pretend its something else to discredit it.

penny stocks are risky.  it is what it is.  take a chance. or not.  you get to choose.