The volume is out of place for SHH. In addition the volume continued for just over a week. We have news on what could be the largest deal in the history of the company just around the corner. I think things are looking good right now. I did not indicate that I feel the stock is "breaking out". It seems that the volume is people anticipating the upcoming news. It is just my opinion but I feel that Sonomax is moving in the right direction. I also belive that they may have a tiger by the tail. I tried to explain that to the guys at agoracom but they hang on to the theory that 3860 long strong shareholders will save the company. They ignore the pure and simple truth, of that 3860 long strong shareholders, how many threw out SHH paper like it was yesterdays trash resulting in about 12 million shares traded in under 10 days. Agoracom is so comical to read.  IOn any event, I still think great things are comming. I hope I am right and the nay sayers are wrong.