After using my eers for a while, I am finding that the performance is better.  I am geting a good fit without the lubrican. That is resulting in a better sound (a good fit is critical for the level of bass I prefer hearing).  I'm also wondering if the fit improves after sitting in the ear for a while.  I feel like the body heat may help it settle in better.  (of course, if heat is a factor, that could mean the shape could get deformed under certain circumstances, which would not be good).


One other observation that is that with my webos phone (Palm Pre), the microphone is hypersensitive on a call.  This is great for hearing the other person.  However, I also hear the microphone rubbing against my coat.  Background noise is also present.  Not sure how I feel about that yet.


Sidenote: I'm glad to see @sculptedeers geting active on Twitter.