The hubleader at AG thinks the 80+ million shares owned by 4 top shareholders is a huge significance and trumps well... everything. I personally think the potential 190,000,000 share deal will be the game changer and the driving force for all future news if it gets concluded.

Here is my post:

First off, stop with the insults and act like a hubleader.

The average number of shares held by long term shareholders is about 80,000 each. That number is accurate based on your post. How you can claim that it is not baffles me. I also doubt that Nick is consulting Sprott, Caisede Depot, Fierra Capital for advice on how to run Sonomax. Nick is the president and CEO for a reason. If these institutions do not like the deal then they will sell. If they do not sell then we can reasonably assume that you are correct and they like the deal. Peter Brennan is a director and was probably consulted.

If the Value link deal goes through then the combined positions of ValueLink and Made Global will potentially be 191,390,000 or 39.79% of the OS shares. This figure is a fact. I am simply saying that in terms of significance, 191 million trumps 86 million and even more importantly one of the parties in the 191 million share camp will also hold 51% of the IP. This is VERY VERY significant and poses IMO a direct threat for a potential take over of the company. Shareholders need to be aware of this situation.

You bring up some of my past statements but for what reason is yet to be revealed I guess. Indeed, I do expect the valuelink deal to close. This is IMO a strategic deal. If you look up what IP aggregates do then you will see how that deal will lead to future deals with OEM's and ODM's. IP aggregates are frequently owned by one or more OEM's or ODM's. I have already explained this and you have apparently not done your due diligence on IP aggregators.

While I am HIGHLY optimistic about the future of Sonomax and the ValueLink deal I will gladly buy stock at 0.05 cents if the opportunity should arise. So, you derogatory remark about playing both ends against the middle is nothing more then an attempt to somehow detract from the significance of this Valuelink deal. There are no both ends, IMO this deal is GOOD and if I can buy what I consider to be CHEAP stock then I will!

So, rather then bicker resort to insults lets simply share our DD and discuss this investment which is the very purpose of these forums.