Ceilidh1, Nice post!

"  It appears to me that ValueLink is their present mfr in Tiawan which seems to be vertically integrated in terms of leveraging their IP portfolio by providing services to OEMs. etc. They will license the IP exclusively to Sonomax. This means that they have "skin in the game" on the same basis as other shareholders and believe they can increase the stock price via sales, etc. 
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?p=0&m=31811910&l=0&r=0&s=shh&t=list#va0BoTP4LKdtEkm7.99"

I agree with your statement here as it appears to be the case. When Curly was mentioning that Sonomax would lose the rights to use the IP if certain conditions are not met, he probably meant was that they would lose the "exclusive" right. This IMO is not a bad thing. Firstly, Sonomax will now be driven like never before to get the gears turning if they want to retain "exclusive" rights. This would be a benefit to shareholders. If Sonomax fails to meet their obligations, then Valuelink has the right to license the IP to others. This would also be a benefit to shareholders as Sonomax retains a 49% interest in the IP.