Canadian  oil  and  gas ,  base and precious  have been victims   of  USA  based hedge fund manipulations designed to  force margin calls and capitulation selling.  Look  at the high  flying US  stocks,  LNKD  at 1300   times  PE,,  AMZN at  270   ( yet to ever make a profit )  and  NFLX   (   600  times PE).  The hedge funds are enjoying luring in people     on these high  flyers  and crashing    sectors  which have   value. The only way  you win is to  have the stomach and the capital  to    have a long holding period.  LNKD  will  one day   be   at ten dollars.   That would stil l be a PE of  50.   Patience my freinds. The   people want your shares at a   STEAL  price not a  FAIR price.