1) BCEI operates souther from T.SGY. 

BCEI has 9,500 boepd (74% oil and liquids) and its EV= $1,5 billion and has ONLY   43 MMboe Proved Reserves.

BCEI trades for $157,000/boepd (74%  oil  and  liquids) and $35/boe of  Proved reserves.


2)  T.SGY produces 11,500 boepd (73% oil and liquids) currently and trades for $40,000/boepd and $10/boe of 2P Reserves and $15/boe  of  Proved  reserves.  I quote:

After restoring production from the previously announced outage at Valhalla South, Surge achieved a best one week average production rate of more than 10,230 boe per day with approximately 340 boe per day of additional downtime for a total 10,570 boe per day.  These estimates do not include a 44 percent working interest Valhalla well which was brought on production in early January 2013 and is performing to Surge's type curve expectations.


3)   T.RTK  (Artek Exploration) that operates in Valhala too produces 4,000 boepd (ONLY 45% oil and liquids).

T.RTK has EV= $220 million and trades for $55,000/boepd.


It seems that this market is a gathering of amateurs and morons. 

This is the Q3 2012 report from  BCEI  website:




These are the Proved Reserves  for  BCEI