If that's the case bigbab then why did you bother buying shares at these prices, why not wait it out til it dropped  to this 2.70-3.00 level that you are expecting or just ride the wave when it starts rising?  Your comment doesn't make any sense, first you claim to be humbled from your past experiences yet you're investing in an out of favour stock that has experienced a significant decline over the past year, and the fact that you say you just bought it but are saying "worriedly"  that the shares could easily drop another 30% from here makes me question whether or not you really do own shares (or whether your other name on this site is BankerBoy seeing as he/she was doing the same thing that you are doing and coincidently disappeared from this board, after being called out on it, when you started posting or even rustycat - but that could all just be paranoia on my part and I apologize if it is.


And as to your freefall "worries" as others have stated Surge has already experienced a fairly signifant freefall add to that the update of proven and probable reserves provided by the company to atleast form some confidence in shareholders hence the reason I don't see it going much lower from here.  I too have just recently bought into SGY but unlike you I'm confident in my decision.