my only worry was reserves now since this is very good then there is nothing to be worried about .. nothing material at least. just to give you a snapshot of how irrational market can get. this time last year, sgy had less production (and less cash flow) and less reserves but because everything was on the upswing investors were happy and willing to pay 9-10 bucks a pop. Now SGY has more production and more reserves but then it had/has the issues that scare the heck out of shorters and those are problems with production "unplanned outage" and maybe the communication to the third party pool but even that the max is 600,000 . i have seen (made a lot of money from) a number of bad execution plans when the stock dropped down. I see this as a wonerful opportunity but you need to be very patient, it is going to take a couple of quarters to restore investors confidence. IMHO, i see this stock going up with pretty hard hiccups a long the way as some people unload (try to ride the short wave if you are good at it, just remember you may sell at a "high" but it turns out to be the "low" in a couple of days and it is hard to convince yourself to go back in at a higher price).