"If you take a look at the price history, since Oct/12, it hardly see SGY going up two days in a row. Since then, the share has declined almost 60%"


That's kind of the definition of a stock going through a steady decline.  The fact that it had a couple of nice rises during 2012 (skyrocketed up 25% in three weeks starting around the middle of May then back down in June, and then it went up 30% from July to Sept).  Even a couple of weeks ago there was a 15% spurt from the lows and highs of 4 trading days.  I'd say this stock is due for another rebound on the charts, whether its a permanent rebound or just another few weeks of going up then back down is anyone's guess. And if the rumor of the American selloff dissipates then it should go through a steady rise for awhile with a few profit taking hiccups along the way.