Today’s investing GURUS love it. Paul Colby is in big $$ in 2 weeks’ time (MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH is) Why not join. I have joined in. Although I believe that a good investor cannot be greedy. You need to have cash to keep buying this stock up as it moves to new 52 lows. “catching the falling knife”

A few questions for longs.  What was SURGES IPO issued at? I hear $4 but was it lower? I ask because someone as per Campbells spiel is dumping. Are they bleeding or are they even? Anyone got comments on the seller. I do see a lot of retail buys and sells that are just baby investors who buy at 3.60 and the stock drops to 3.46 and they get scared and sell instead of buying.



Q1 2013

Q2 2013

Q3 2013

Q4 2013

Average Production:





% oil and NGLs:






$ 52,000.00

$ 49,425.74

$ 48,231.88

$ 44,711.15



is why I invested. I see Surge trading at 52k / flow boe. This table is basically from their last release stating the company direction. Basically as the company grows their production 52k/boe x 11,165 boe = 580 mill market cap. if no shr dilution happens this makes for a $8.10 stock.

Following O/G stocks TOL is being bought up by 2 firms and basically hostile takeover is in the air. This could happen here. Except Surge is a better deal because the assets are better. So a takeover is being talked about on Surge.

I know the term being thrown into the penalty box and understand it. You just need a stomach for seeing red and keep fighting for a good position till the fields are green and you see goal posts.

great opportunity to buy on fear and sell on greed.