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Surge Energy Inc V.SGY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s):  T.SGY | ZPTAF | T.SGY.R | T.SGY.O

Price: $8.55 | Change: +$0.24 | %Change: +2.89%
Volume: 1.9m | Day High/Low: 8.59/8.31 | 52 Week High/Low: 8.64/5.51

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Market Call Weekly

I just saw that Paul C is going to be on Market Call Weekly next Friday on BNN.  Show starts at 430pm EST, if my memory serves me correctly.  Should be worth watching!  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Insiders still buying 10,000 @ 7.99 7 Transactions

Holding up! --- most everything else I own oil related is down today.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Insiders still buying 10,000 @ 7.99 7 Transactions

I see Lof exercising the warrants into shares but not selling them for cash , I only see the 70,000 sell by Dan  rate and reply
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RE:Insiders still buying 10,000 @ 7.99 7 Transactions

That's funny, I just see Dan O'Neil selling 70,000 shares and timid Max Lof looting the treasury cashing in more cheap options.  I'll never figure out why Paul C. keeps these two nitwits around?  GLTA  rate and reply
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Insiders still buying 10,000 @ 7.99 7 Transactions

http://www.tmxmoney.com/TMX/HttpController?GetPage=SearchInsiderTrade&Language=en&Submit=Submit&QuerySymbol=sgy&x=49&y=16  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Paul is the best

You're right ape....such praise is not warranted and makes me nauseous.To sell now wouldnt be a bad thing but ex divy is next week..some would say hang on till then.To each his own though GLTA  rate and reply
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RE:future acquisitions

HYX....looked at last Financials....garbage!...I see your pumping it on the Whitecap board as well....  rate and reply
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Iraq spells

pipeline sooner rather then later, just a thought.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Paul is the best

I'll second that. Besides, resources have been up all week due to the events in Iraq. I don't think this uptrend is sustainable in the long run. I don't know where the price will stablize but I don't...read more
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future acquisitions

Hi All, Does anyone own any HYX?  I believe it is a good candidate for purchase and wonder if SGY might be a good fit to purchase their assets.  I'm just curious t see what anyone else thinks about it...read more
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RE:Paul is the best

Okay... here is the first sign of irrational exuberance.  The next is when posters start speculating about the expensive new cars they will buy with their profits.  When this happens, the rally is...read more
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RE:Banging against the $8 glass ceilingl

Well, looks like they took out a big hammer to break through that glass ceiling at $8. Massive vol. at the open. Maybe one of the highest vol. starts SGY has seen.  rate and reply
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The only thing I get from that post is how, while somewhat quite limited because of the annual contribution limits, these guys can put some  cheap options/warrants  straight into their TFSA and get a...read more
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Surge Energy Inc. (SGY) has the following new filing(s) recently:   LOF, MAXWELL ANDREW WILLIAM (Chief Financial Officer) SEDI Insider Relationship:      5 - Senior Officer of Issuer   Acquired 1,865...read more
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Paul is the best

The best CEO in the entire oil patch.  Its like buying shares from God, because you know he will work his powers and make you money.  Long Paul! Long SGY!  rate and reply
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Banging against the $8 glass ceilingl

As they bump up against the $8 ceiling, I suspect they'll issue an NR that propels the share price through the resistance. Wonder how long it will take to move up into the $9s.  rate and reply
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Paul Colborne

See were Paul bought 10'000 more shares at $7.79 . Not hard to see that this gentleman is all about action.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:More Insider Buying today

I agree with above posts that DRIP adds to dilution. It makes more sense when shares are traded with a large premium to it's book value but SGY is not there yet. As for Nuttal, he was actually...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:More Insider Buying today

A few things:  First, a BIG thank you to Paul C. for having the guts and conviction to buy his own stock with his own money.  Second, a CEO or director has frequent blackout periods and so could not...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:More Insider Buying today

A DRIP is not a panecea, but companies use it as one. Unlike Surge, many companies have a total payout of over 100% of net cash flow. Their DRIP's help them sustain that situation for some time. Why?...read more