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Surge Energy Inc V.SGY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): T.SGY|ZPTAF|T.SGY.R|T.SGY.O

Price: $7.06 | Change: +$0.10 | % Change: +1.44%
Volume: 3.6m | Day High/Low: 7.14/6.85 | 52 Week High/Low: 7.30/2.68

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Why was that an idiotic answer...because you didn't like it? You're the one who asked the open question...on a day when the shares of a company paying a 9% dividend goes ex-div...when LNV, which SGY...read more
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RBC on LNV  March 28, 2014 Longview Oil Corp. Weak Q4/13 results; 2013 recycle ratio indicates continued value erosion Our view: Quarterly results were weaker than expected and lower yr/yr. High 2013...read more
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that's an idiotic answer.you should have said 'lnv results are due today' thinking before speaking helps in life  rate and reply
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RE:Longview numbers are out!

Not out of the ballpark. Output down, payout ratio down which is good (105%). Will probably drop, big wheels want it down to enable buyout. SGY in drivers seat. Everyone will do well in 9 months.  rate and reply
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Longview numbers are out!

See the below link below for LNV's Q4 results. http://www.longviewoil.com/uploads/files/Message_to_SH-LNV.pdf  rate and reply
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Agree with that. This stock was 7 bucks back in November. Since then energy and oil have been Bullish with markets bullish overall. Instead we are now back down here below 6. Doesn't make sense and I...read more
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Studying the stock movement. Was hoping to invest 10,000 shares for a start "HOWEVER" stock looks like its been "Manipulated" to serve the shorts and traders. It should be trading higher than the...read more
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SGY will trade between 5.70-6.20 till any news. Enjoy the div but be ready to bail out at any time.  rate and reply
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RE:So, when does everyone................

I think the announcement comes as soon as the price goes up......then well know that they brought itdown to aaccumulate as usuall.....when it stops sinking then the deal will be announced  rate and reply
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RE:So, when does everyone................

I am thinking the weekend. It looks like one more day is needed to drive the price lower.  rate and reply
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So, when does everyone................

think the announcement will be made? Tonight, tomorrow or the weekend?  rate and reply
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RE:Funny how this is falling.............

I was thinking the same. But do they leave SGY alone after a deal or are they always involved ? BTW if there is a deal at 1:1, is that a good deal for us and SGY goes up or do we take a bath ?  rate and reply
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Funny how this is falling.............

towards the $5.75 level while LNV is rising to that level.  Manipulation of the share price. No.............not on the TSX................can never happen. We have rules. Morgan Stanley selling 100...read more
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Korai - the reason it is falling while others are going up is because the others are better stocks and this is a P O S... Hope this helps  rate and reply
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how you see the manipulators take this to $6.25 from $5.99 a day or 2 ago and then today after ex div it went up on open to $6.17 and then it was walked down to $5.97 ..and now it appears trying to...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:dividends ?

http://www.surgeenergy.ca/index.php?page=dividend_info  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:dividends ?

No dividends rhis month????....is tgat correct????  rate and reply
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RE:RE:dividends ?

Thanks , I thought that was the case , still nice dividend on my older shares and good upside on future sp , I hope..many analysts seem to think so, Scotia says $8.00 and outperform,,we'll see!  rate and reply
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why is thi fallin while others are all up?please someone enlighten thx  rate and reply
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RE:dividends ?

X- Div today. No div.  rate and reply