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Surge Energy Inc V.SGY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): T.SGY|ZPTAF|T.SGY.R|T.SGY.O

Price: $7.06 | Change: +$0.10 | % Change: +1.44%
Volume: 3.6m | Day High/Low: 7.14/6.85 | 52 Week High/Low: 7.30/2.68

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RE:RE:This has been trading...........

I disagree... Once deal is announced it will get shorted down to $5.00 in a systematic fashion.  Buying LNV isn't that special after seeing the latest financials..... plus doing all these acquisitions...read more
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CPG trades with a dividend under 7%, and their payout ratio is well over 100%. SGY will have a payout ratio well UNDER 100%, so why should it yield more than CPG? At a 7% yield, SGY should trade at $7...read more
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RE:This has been trading...........

Both sides want a done deal. Once done SGY will trade north of $7...IMO.  rate and reply
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This has been trading...........

all day at a ratio of 1.1 to 1.  (SGY/LNV).  It appears we may know by Monday what the deal is. 2.5 million shares of LNV traded today, yesterday 316,000, Wednesday 79,800.  hmmmmmmmmmm But we are...read more
4 stars

Hey Surge management....you buy more LNV today ?

Talk about a stupid move, anymore brilliant ideas that won't kill off more shareholders worse than it has. Idiots.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Didn't these morons buy 20% of LNV

ahhh, the perennial question on many boards: why is he still here...  rate and reply
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RE:Didn't these morons buy 20% of LNV

If you want out, get out. It's pretty simple. If you had lef SGY your money would already be in stocks that you like better. Kind of hard to understand why you are still here.  rate and reply
2 stars

Didn't these morons buy 20% of LNV

Shows the stupidity of this management team and how bad they pick stocks to invest in. Truely pitiful my money got sucked into this now lame dividend flop. I WANT OUT.  rate and reply
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My, .... awesome answer sololeo...EOM  rate and reply
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RE:Of the 16 Canadian oil and gas................

Agree 100%. I should have waited to buy into SGY but took a very very small position unlike the HUGE position I have on BXE which is now a double for me and I still hold 100% of my shares. Won't even...read more
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RE:Of the 16 Canadian oil and gas................

Careful you'll have the fairy cheerleaders here attacking you with lies. Its what agree with, the TSX oils are the worst sector on earth for 3 years straight now, even with $100 oil. Pitiful. Will...read more
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RE:Of the 16 Canadian oil and gas................

"Great to be a retail investor in Canada" Colborne doesn't even know retails exist. His only problem is it is hard to go back to the Street for a PP that would be priced considerably lower than his...read more
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Of the 16 Canadian oil and gas................

companies I own or are on my watch list, 2 are down, SGY and LNV.  The same 3 as yesterday are killing this in a deliberate, orderly fashion.  Morgan Stanley is busy selling 100 shares to itself. Not...read more
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Looks to me investors now may not want an LNV deal. Studying the SP movement. A very difficult stock to decipher the sentiment and movement of SGY. Definitely should be trading higher and not sideways...read more
5 stars


the results were about as good as your investment skills jd43xl. HAH HAH HAh Hah  rate and reply
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Not very good results, so I hope SGY doesn't overpay if they do acquire LNV. SGY s obviously far superior.  rate and reply
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Why was that an idiotic answer...because you didn't like it? You're the one who asked the open question...on a day when the shares of a company paying a 9% dividend goes ex-div...when LNV, which SGY...read more
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RBC on LNV  March 28, 2014 Longview Oil Corp. Weak Q4/13 results; 2013 recycle ratio indicates continued value erosion Our view: Quarterly results were weaker than expected and lower yr/yr. High 2013...read more
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that's an idiotic answer.you should have said 'lnv results are due today' thinking before speaking helps in life  rate and reply
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RE:Longview numbers are out!

Not out of the ballpark. Output down, payout ratio down which is good (105%). Will probably drop, big wheels want it down to enable buyout. SGY in drivers seat. Everyone will do well in 9 months.  rate and reply