Man I just noticed how many shares thi scompany now has outstanding, yet again. This company is like the federal reserve. In May of 2010 it did a 10 for 1 consolidation which reduced shares from 265 million to resulted in 26.5 million. Two and a half years later it has 95 million outstanding. Almost four fold increase in shares. No wonder the share price went from $0.35 in 2010 to $0.07 today.

Where do you think all this money is going? Nigel makes over $175K a year for his splendid job... not including a billion or so stock options he is given... again for the splendid job he has done over the last five years... so it is all well earned.... hmmmmmmm

Other directors dont make as much as Nigel... he is the king at the trough but they are up there as well.

Who wants to bet that in a year or two they just do the same thing... repeat and repeat...