in large amoutns just before the precious metals bubble starts which the best gold bugs say will be the end of 2014 beginning 2015. This is my 4th or 5th lowly penny precious metals stock that I have bought in bulk which has massively reversed split (contracted) over the last 3 years. Can't win or fight the FED till the very end when the FED's doings have seen to worthless and ruinous. Till then the allies of the FED, namely wall street, other stock markets, hedge funds, paper gold ETFs, bullion banks, central banks and treasuries of gov'ts, are going to make sure what should be going up and reflecting the FED's ruinuous policies, ie the precious metal stocks, won't be. 

Too bad! Unless still have a lot of cash on hand at the end to buy in very low before the bubble upwards. How many have that? Not many!