ceiling showdown to be over with by the end of February with republicans kicking and screaming but extending it for another 2 years, and it would have been off to the QE money printing races again and for the whole world, as everyone is getting in on the act all over the world to money print stimulate and prop up deficits and budget debts. 


All in order to so call recover the world economy.


Under those situations SF would have been back to 5 cents a share again by the middle of the this year 2013, and able to finance itself without consolidation. 


But the fact that SF couldn't wait for the above US debt ceiling resolvement at end of February, is an indication it was in financial straits, listing pressures or something and had no choice but to consolidate its shares again to achieve financing right away to continue existing or listing. Or else SF blinked too much in the face of the take down of penny precious metal stocks the last year and especially now under the dual pressures of the US fiscal cliff and now US debt ceiling debates and take downs of penny precious metals stocks the last 2 1/2 months. 


And still happening in the case of the US debt ceiling debate coming up at middle of next month to March 1st when the US gov't shuts down if doesn't extend the US debt ceiling. In fact the whole world economy will shut down since the US is still the engine of it and financing a large chunk of its debt burden as the US or US FED is in  effect the world's central bank of last resort.