or not, and if there was, how much it was?

The company must be operating on a shoe box cash allottment not to have issued a PR already and not to have issued a PR a month ago to the investment community at large, telling them of their AGM (anual general meeting) jan 18, 2013 and on the voting agenda was whether to consolidate outsanding shares 10 to 1. Oin1 might be right that it might not happen or if it does it will be less than 10 to 1, but I'm pretty sure there is going to be some consolidation the lackluster way SF is performing and handling itself the last 2 years.  It we be good in gold bubble times coming up where all penny stocks do good at the end and can buy almost anything and it will do good, like throwing darts and choosing that way, but SF is not good as a solid penny stock with a smart management team, drilling, finding silver ounces, and amounts per ton, before that bubble and generating interest and modest share price and rises, that way. Still, if not for the US fiscal cliff debate and now debt ceiling debate coming up, SF would be 5 cents and not having this financing and consolidation problem, if still not a very good penny stock, only good for bubble hype times, probably about 2015.