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Summary Compensation Table
The following table sets forth all compensation paid, awarded, granted, given or otherwise provided, directly
or indirectly, by the Corporation, in Canadian dollars, to the NEOs during the financial year ended December
31, 2011. The Company does not have any share-based award plans, non-equity incentive plans, or any
defined benefit or contribution pension plans.
Name and Principal

Position     Year ended Dec 31   Salary  Option-based awards1 All other compensation Total compensation
Chris England 2 President & CEO 

2011 $108,000 Nil Nil $108,000
2010 $108,000 $44,608 Nil $152,608
2009 $108,000 Nil Nil $108,000
Karen Robertshaw3
CFO 2011 $18,250 Nil Nil $18,250
2010 $27,000 $17,425 Nil $44,425
1Option-based awards amounts are fair value estimates of options granted during the year, calculated using the Black-Scholes pricing
model, whereby the fair value of stock options is determined on the grant date and recorded as compensation expense over the period
that the stock options vest. The Black-Scholes model is an industry accepted valuation method.
2Mr. England’s remuneration is paid to a private company wholly-owned by Mr. England pursuant to a Management Services
3Ms. Robertshaw was appointed CFO on March 16, 2010.