Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
January 18, 2013
The undersigned shareholder of Silver Fields Resources Inc. (“Corporation”) appoints Chris England, President or, instead
of him, Warren Geiger, Director or instead of either of them, ____________________________, as proxyholder of the
undersigned, with full power of substitution, to attend and vote on behalf of the undersigned at the Annual and Special
Meeting of the shareholders (“Meeting”) on January 18, 2013 and at any adjournment, and on every ballot which may take
place to the same extent and with the same powers as if the undersigned were personally present at the Meeting with
authority to vote at the proxyholder’s discretion, except as otherwise specified below. Without limiting the general powers
hereby conferred, the undersigned directs the proxyholder to vote the shares represented by this proxy in the following
1. To fix the number of directors at four
FOR _____________ AGAINST ______________
2. To elect the following as directors
Chris England FOR _______ WITHHOLD FROM VOTING _______
Colin Bowdidge FOR _______ WITHHOLD FROM VOTING _______
Warren Geiger FOR _______ WITHHOLD FROM VOTING _______
Raymond Demotte FOR _______ WITHHOLD FROM VOTING _______
3. To appoint BDO Canada LLP as auditors and authorize the directors to fix their remuneration
FOR _______________ WITHHOLD FROM VOTING ___________
4. To approve a proposed share consolidation of up to 10 exisitng shares for 1 new share
FOR _____________ AGAINST ______________
In the absence of any specification in favor of, withheld or against any matter set out above, the said appointees
shall be deemed to have been granted authority to vote the common shares represented by this proxy in favour of
the aforementioned resolutions.
A Shareholder may appoint as his proxy a person (who need not be a Shareholder) other than those named in this
form of Proxy. A Shareholder wishing to appoint another person to attend and act on his behalf at the Meeting may
do so by filling in the name of that person in the blank space in this proxy form following the name of persons
listed as proxy hereon or by completing another appropriate form of proxy.
A Shareholder who has submitted a proxy for the Meeting may revoke it in writing at any time prior to 9:00 AM on
the last business day preceding the day of the Meeting.
The undersigned hereby revokes any instrument of proxy previously given and does further hereby ratify and confirm all that
such proxy may do by virtue hereof.