I got in the mail, a proxy notice of a SF shareholder meeting on jan 16th in british columbia, where one of the items to be voted on is a consolidation of shares by 10, which I guess is a done deal.


It's the second consolidation in 2 years this time at 38 million shares outstanding instead of over 100 million shares the last time. And it's in an otherwise bull market in precious metals but artificially being kept very low and unfinanciable for penny stocks at least, by gov't, bullion banks, hedge funds and ETF siphoning, doing everything they can to keep precious metals down and precious metal stocks unattractive.

As if it is normal economic business as usual and not QE money printing like crazy to keep the world economy and world economy's debt bubble afloat. 

Just mind blowing and illogical what is going on.

SF should be 10 cents and getting its PP financing done, and not 1 cent and not getting it done.