Doing a " research project" on Terra Energy.  Came across DonnyCreek split from DonnyBrook.

Brandon  you said  "At the time I don't think they knew what potential they had in their Kakwa assets".

Newbie11 seems a bit mistified.   Zadman says "you can't go backwards".


I have a few questions for you guys, or the other longer time shareholders?


They disclosed 19 gross sections and 19 nets sections  sold to DonnyCreek.  Besides one parcel in Eastern Alberta they said the rest was deep basin assets....located at places like  Prairie Creek.  Gold Creek.

Ansell Creek.  Grand Prairie.  Valhalla Creek. and Leland Creek.    The Prairie Creek property they had just negotiated a Farm-out deal on it right before the Newco was formed.    Was that farmed to Contact or Questerre, or both, at that time.   And is that Prairie Creek Property what is now know as Kakwa? 


Are these other locations I never heard of also part of what was spun out to "Newco" now DonnyCreek,

in the Kakwa/Gold Creek area?