I am surprised that some here are seemingly happy with this deal?

not to long ago this company was valued at $150mill mkt cap based mostly on the same property??

now I know many things have changed since then especially the mkts but to be happy to take essentially 0.07 a share in stock in a deal that we all thought would pay a way higher price for this many moons ago.    

Also where does this deal leave us at value wise if it passes once cqe distributed??

I also know that our options were limited and a deal had to be done, and I guess cqe knew this and smartly waited this out. 

I guess we wait to see if a higher bid does show up and if not we see if this deal gets voted through......till then we wait. 

I know according to some I shouldn't harp on this anymore but wow what a different bargaining position we would have been in if we still had kakwa and it was at the stage it is now. At least we would have been bargaining from position of strength not weakness where we did this deal from.