10.3mm shares of Cequence at current market prices is worth +/-$14,000,000.  In addition, we have FIR production of 220 boe/day, Bigstone Production of approx 200 boe/day (??) and our land holdings in Bigstone and FIR.  Our current mkt cap is sub $10MM.  Can't see how this doesn't pop higher on this news as it seems to me there is a valuation disconnect.  I am now wishing i had bought my entire DCA on Friday.


Longer term, this gives us leverage to the development of those assets and a rebound in nat gas prices via CQE share price increases.  I think there is good value in these shares considering they were sub $4 prior to nat gas tanking.  On top, they are a liquid asset that can be converted into cash easily if a better opportunity arises. 


24 months ago, this deal would have been appauling to DEI shareholders.  Today its viewed as a step forward.