Unfortunately I don't know the answer as to why DEI managment spun the Kak assets into Creek but here is my theory.

I think their plan all along was to Spin out the Kak assets into what is now Creek as the intention was to build up DEI through it's Simonette and Resthaven assets, swing a deal with Cequence and say thank you very much. This was was to ensure they had kept some prime assets(at that time I don't think they knew what potential they had in their kakwa assets) so they could start a fresh deal with a tight structure where they had complete control from the start. I think the results on the first DEI Resthaven well derailed their hopes of getting a quick sale of DEI and had to follow through with their plan to spin out the assets. I think the problems with the 16-27 Resthaven well was the beginning of the problems for DEI and had to bring in Farmees for their Bigstone properties. If the Resthaven 16-27 results resembled Celtics, DEI shareholders would be in a different state. It's too bad but as Zadman said, we can't go backwards. This is now time to take a flippin' risk at these levels and pray that the Simonette, Resthaven assets get sold for some decent cash if that is what management is planning.

That's just my theory.

I own both Creek and Brook and I too hate what has happened to the share price of Brook.