Cant go backwards newbie.  We all bought the story they told when they were doing it.  Obviously in retrospect if we could go back our opinion would be different.  Regardless, what's done is done.  All that can be controlled is the next steps taken to revive this pig. 


They still have lots of skin in the game given they haven't sold any shares so i am hopeful their own greed will work in my favor yet.  Make no mistake though, I used to think this was worth alot more.  Now I am more resigned to the fact that if I buy a bunch at these stupid levels and get a modest run back, I can get most back.  The risk is adding another $10K to a large mountain of paper losses already incurred which is a risk I am willing to take unless my chat with them tells me otherwise.  I do think the the closing of the CLT takeover is a good thing.  Selling the Resthaven assets should be the easiest and makes the most sense for DEI.  They have been nothing but trouble for us considering our volumes have been sitting behind pipe for 2 years now. 


I wonder if any creek holders are tempted to take their gains there and buy in here.  A run back to where we were a week ago is 100% up and its hard to think much has changed with DEI given how little they are doing right now.....