Well said Spastic and I feel your pain fully. I am glad to see there are others piping up as to what has transpired here other then the people that come on here and defend management and what has happened only to find out they dont even own any shares in this company and never have!

You have got to think that with how bad this looks on managment that they will try their dardest to get a good deal done on the brook to at least try for a small bit of damage control but who knows, they may be fully focussed on the creek now which is what it seems like on the surface, again this is just my opinion.

My question is If the land around Kakwa and area is so hot, then why dont they actually look to purchase a piece of this land for the brook now? Brook has some cash why not use it to purchase land at land sale rather then continuing to purchase these lands only for the Creek? If its good land which these guys seem to have the ability to find, the brook can then easily bring on a partner to drill it, just as they would have now done with Kakwa if still had it. Throw the brook a bone if they know of a good piece, why not at this point it cant hurt any worse and creek doesnt seem to need any further help in this area