Lol we all know about what was "forecasted" to happen and what was being wished for, but it was only a dream apparently. 

News flash not only did it not happen but after the spin out the stock cratered from the .50-.60 range down to .10

there was absolutely no reason to spin out the kakwa lands, they were fine just where they were and as I have mentioned before I'm fairly certain competitors were getting good sniffs in the area and that had something to do with moving it out ..this is just my opinion and not based on any facts.     Moose pasture.....not quite lmao far from it!

Easy for you to say man up and move on after you have publicly stated on this forum that you don't even own any stock in the my opinion if you don't have skin in the game you are not entitled to an opinion, at least not one that someone should take seriously. 

I think you must ask yourself if you owned a good sized position in a company and bought in originally for their "entire land package" how would you feel if one of the properties was taken out and you were given a minuscule spin out ratio, the parent company retained no shares and the insiders bought almost all the stock in the new company.  Now that company goes on to have great success and become the talk of the town while the original company is down in the dumps and pretty much put on the back burner.  How would you feel about this?  Be honest now and remember you would have actually have had to write some large cheques and actually have a position in the deal to honestly answer this.