Well said Penny and welcome back Bluespruce

And yes it is finally nice to see some shareholders posting now

My thoughts have already been expressed many times over so I will not go over them all again now, but I will add once again that brook bought that land at the land sale for a reason  when they were starting out, and I am not 100% sure on this but when the spinout was happening I beleive competitors were getting very good results in the area around Kakwa, so yes I have heard it was not known what this land would produce if anything but I think there was a pretty good idea from the competitors wells in the area.

Also we are continually hearing about getting bought out and have been since .80, this story is getting so old, a while back i suggested in a post here that they should just merge the 2 companies together and creek takeover brook if it is so grately undervalued as they say it is. This would have likely solved all of these problems had they done it early enough as shareholders would be involved in this move up together and would have looked estetically alot better then it does now, so in my opinion they had a chance to fix this mess then with that type of a transaction, but for whatever reason chose not to

Why doesnt brook own any creek shares which is almost always the case when a transaction like this occurs?

I have my fingers crossed that they can pull off a deal that makes sense but I have my doubts at this point that we will get anything remotetly close to where we were trading at the time of spinout as the premium is simply way to much to pay at this point. Also what turned out to be the companies best asset by a long shot- Kakwa is no longer with us and this would have added significant value.

Another thing I have heard mentioned is that we wouldnt have had the money to drill kakwa anyways but after all the competitors hitting in the area and the recent land sales you likely wouldnt even have had to drill to see some value just in the lands and a partner would have now most certainly come out of the woodwork to drill with brook with the how hot the area has become

Anyhow I have said pretty much all I can say and hate to sound like a broken record here so I will likely step away from futher discussions here on the forum , it is nice to see some other concerned shareholders here as well and I doubt anything can be done about any of this now anyways so I just hope management has a plan to make up for this huge mess up in a way that significantly benefits brook shareholders and also looks better on them after what has transpired here