or call the ceo. They will tell you many dei shareholders are very bitter about this deal. DEI DIDN'T need the 2 million. They already had tons of money in other PP's and cash coming in. In their minds. D cK.v would only add a very small pump in the share price with all the shares outstanding. OR they would have had to dilute a ton of dei stock to get more drilling done on the new land.


I question that as they could have made some deals for others to drill for a % of the play.

They have a blackout right now on the shares so insiders can't buy dei shares. But they claim dei is something with value that will pay off down the road. It's not being ignored and dei is very imporant as they own a ton of shares so they do want it to work out.


They also claimed they didn't know what was their at the time. But then again I question that with the statement they made in the last MD&A saying  drilling justified what they already thought was there.


They thought dei was getting taken over at the time. So they spun out the other land so they can make that the next company to work on after dei was taken over. But.... the 2nd well was f'ed and the 3rd was f'ed too.

They think after the 4th done right should make this play into a takeover target. As the goal is to sell dei.


P.s. Nice too see the people posting!