One might ask themselves..............why have the insiders, particullary the Todd brothers not been involved on the buy side since the Spring.  Up till then they were regular buyers.  I also want to point out they have not sold a share.  Insiders, own around 30 % of the float.  Friends and family etc likely hold close to the same amount.  The volume has been very quiet for many months.

Volume is what I follow, that and the people and their story.  I find nothing wrong with any of it.  Fact is, I'm encouraged.  At some point the company will be taken out.  I don't think it will be a big number, I do feel it will be higher than what it is.  This company was set up to do just that.  The wheels came off and things got derailed.  That does not mean there will not be a time and place where it will get back on track. 


IF, the world has in fact come to an end, why haven't the insiders started to sell?  Why indeed.  Things take time, if you feel your wasting your time then get out.  I'd be more inclined to buy more.