The first 2/3 of the private placement only took just over a month each to fill. I'd like to discuss the delay on the last 1/3.  The company is definitely moving in a positive direction but i'm wondering what is causing the delay on the close of this deal.  They were trying to close this the last 2 months of the year when fiscal cliff worries were high.  Does anyone believe it could be filled quickly now that some of the worry has passed?  Or do you think the majority of the early PP investors had been lined up in advance and the final 85 000$ is going to be dependant on the sentiment of personal investors.  I'll admit the delay has me a tad bit worried because I have seen other small companies struggle with PP's.  In regards to the bridge loan; that thing has been continally extended for quite a while now.  The Lenders have nothing to gain by driving Sofame into the ground because brankruptcy would delay their payback more.  They are mostly likely watching Sofame's financials carefully, and based on the current increase in revenue will continue to extend the loan.  I would love to hear some real discussion seeing as this board has been quiet for a while.  Also whatever happened to Q3 results?  I guess we'll find out when year comes out by the end of January hopefully as promised.  I'm excited to see Q3 and Q4 especially when they're stating year end approximately 120k net.