Is the Company folding? Is there any plan? How many holes drilled in how many years , what does that average out to? How much money burned per hole on average? What is it 45 holes in 23 years, something like 2 holes per year or about 350 meters  average per year?

Measured /indicated Ag is running around 14,000,000 oz after more than 20 years( as of 2010), with a potential 300 million oz. Ag that would take over 400 years to move into the measured/indicated categories at SDR's current pace, are these numbers correct?

I guess slow and steady wins the race. I can't figure out why we are only trading at $0.02 with such stellar results, anyone?

If getting George to speak with you is an issue, perhaps speak to the other directors? With the lack of any substantial financing I doubt there is much to say. Hopefully things turn around.