George has had opportunity after opportunity to take this to the next level unfortunately he's content with mediocrity. Domingo has deserved much better and dropping Cruz for a few dollars was a major gaff. I guess one day he'll have to look in the mirror  and ask himself "what was the purpose of all those years?"

I truly believe George has had good intentions, although the time has come to shake the tree, it's been run like a Ma/Pa operation with the reality it's a public Company with accountability to it's shareholders that's the part he missed. How fair is it for investors to support this Company with their hard earned cash simply to have year after year slip by?

"Stroud's mission is to create shareholder value through the exploration discovery and production of precious metal deposits." ....mission failed!!!

" The Company concentrates on projects that can be brought into production within three to five years."...try 30 years and still counting!

George you're better than that, do what it takes to move this Company foreward in a substantial way, times ticking and none of us are getting any younger....

Currently spinning our wheels up a slippery slope, SDR's valuation isn't evan worth a penny in it's current mode of operation, sad but true.