You must seriously lack a lot of attention in your life and 'both,' you and Johnny Boy CRAVE ATTENTION and get org-az-ams enever anyone mentions your name or gives an iota of attention to you.

You are TOO DU-MM-BB to even realize how DU-MM-BB you really are as a SUPER-TRANSPARENT PAID BASHER / SHORTER.

Chubby Hippo's comments: "I have recieved a disturbing inbox rumor that SCG has no revenue and since banx is a notorious pumper of hot air this is upsetting. Could somebody explain why this is unfounded? Or is SCG just a contract away from a dollar a share?"

LMAO LMAO @ Chubby Hippo. You can receive a million inbox rumours.........probably sent by your other mentally disturbed alter-ego Johnny Boy about SCG and you can make yourself believe in it. LMAO

You want SOMEBODY to explain why this is unfounded? LMAO

Ask yourself....I mean, Johnny Boy to give you the answer and when you 'two' figure the answer, post it on this board, so we can once again LAUGH AT YOU BOTH AND YOUR ULTRA-TRANSPARENT STUPIDITY.

Chubby Hippo, I have also received a disturbing inbox rumour from my other ID. He tells me that I can see deaddddd people..................................................I keep telling them that it is Chubby Hippo & Johnny Boy! LMAO

Your Conscience,
Mr. Profit