I like their partnerships, business plan and target market much better than INT. Not so sure about everything else like the financials. What I can say is that SCG should be worth more than INT. Whether that's by SCG going up or INT going down or some combination of both I'm unsure. What I am sure is that some picks are better than both stocks:



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Comparing INT vs MBI:


1. MBI is in the interesting and sexy biotech business. INT is in the social media business which is so 2011. Social media in 2013, especially junior social media is like the 2001 version of the tech boom and bust. It'll take years to truly recover. Like the NASDAQ did until 2003 and didn't really start to make up those losses until a couple of years ago.

2. MBI has a legitimate partner in Precision Therapeutics, a leader in cancer research and drug development in the US and Precision is PAYING MBI for the rights to their drug. INT partners with all these nickle and dime companies and washed up B-rate celebrities like Gene Simmons AND PAYS THEM for the priviledge.

3. MBI's burn rate is low and decreasing. INT's burn rate is going higher with no end in sight. 

4. MBI has not diluted their shares in years (other than a small amount of stock options) and won't need to finance for at least 2 years and if they get enough revenue from their royalty by Q3 2015 will NEVER have to dilute again. INT prints share certificates faster than Scott's can print toilet paper and there is no foreseeable end to that.

5. MBI and their CEO Erinn Broshko prefer to remain quiet and under the radar while they move their business along, releasing news only when a signficant event has taken place for the company. INT and David Lucatch prefer to get their face on the screen and in print as much as possible, proclaiming all the company's problems relating to poor stock price performance squarely on "StockHouse bashers" at every chance they get.

6. MBI's stock is going up and looks good for more gains, INT's stock is going down and looks great for more losses.


I'm fairly new to the world of MBI while I'm quite familiar with INT. But what I can say about MBI as I familiarize myself with it is that it is the complete opposite of INT in every way posible. You could not get two more opposing stocks and the direction they are headed in my opinion. Whatever is bad about INT, it is good about MBI. That's what you choose if you want a winner.