I guess you pumper dudes don't understand basic economics.  Let me give you a free lesson.


Selectcore market cap is about $14,000,000 based on a staggering 184,000,000 shares outstanding.  Everyone should know that this number means nothing in terms of the actual value of the company. Anyone care to speculate what the real value might be?  What would you pay for all the negative working capital, a declining legacy business and one contract with the City of Toronto.   Oooops almost forgot the debt!!!  Would you really pay $14,000,000  plus another $6,000,000 for negative working capital and debt to own 100% of Selectcore?  If your answer is YES then your problems go well beyond being a Selectcore bagholder.

Just as an aside, check out Banx posts when the stock was trading at .75  .70  .65  .60  .55  .50  .45  .40  .35  .30  .25  .20  .15  .10  ...  He has been dead wrong 100% and how can anyone listen to a guy who has been wrong on virtually every one of his one thousand or more posts?