Thats just the start up fee's,,, here's what the costs are. You might as well just go to your bank and get a master/visa card, LOL. I think yougottabekidding, is just kidding us, LOL. He should probably take his investment over there, because its certainly not here.


What It Costs

Choose the plan that's right for you:


General Pay & Go Monthly Annual
Activation Fee Free Free Free
Plan Fee Free $5.95/ month $59.95/ year
Upgrade to Personalized Card $9.95 $9.95 Free
2-Day Overnight Express Delivery Fee
(Personalized Cards Only)
$25 $25 Free
Purchase Transaction Fee 49¢ Free Free
Adding Money to Your PIVOT™ Visa® Prepaid Card Pay & Go Monthly Annual
PIVOT LOAD Voucher Fee* (Available at Petro-Canada™) $2 $2 $2
Online Banking Load (Electronic Funds Transfer/Direct Deposit) Free Free Free
Withdrawing Money from Your PIVOT Card Pay & Go Monthly Annual
ATM Domestic Cash Withdrawal Fee $3 $3 $3
ATM International Cash Withdrawal Fee $3 $3 $3
ATM Domestic Non Monetary (e.g., decline or balance inquiry) $1 $1 $1
ATM INT'L Non Monetary (e.g., decline or balance inquiry) $1 $1 $1
International Exchange Rate bank rate + 3% bank rate + 3% bank rate + 3%
Card-to-card Transfer Free Free Free
Card-to-bank Transfer $3 $3 $3
Managing Your Account Pay & Go Monthly Annual
Online Statements Free Free Free
Automated Customer Care Free Free Free
SMS Balance Alerts 50¢ Free Free
Live Customer Support $1.99 Free Free
Card Replacement Fee $9.95 $9.95 $9.95
Card Cancellation & Refund Fee $10 $10 $10
Negative Balance Fee $10 $10 $10
Change PIN Fee $1 $1 $1