Has anyone seen the Petro Canada reloadable visa. (PIVOT CARD)

I saw one at Petro Canada so I picked it up to check it out.  It is a prepaid visa that gives you .05 of each litre of gas you buy. It can be reloaded directly at a Petro Canada or online. I asked the cashier how long they have been available and how many they sell. He said that they have been available since the beginning of January and they have sold lots of them. 

So the real reason I bought one was when I read the back of the package it said it was issued by Alltrans credit union. This is Selectcores issuer. I had not seen anything fom Selectcore so I called Alltrans to see who's card this was. Turns out it is managed by Paymobile. The same Paymobile that Selectcore has or had a royalty free technology license with. 

With well over a 1000 Petro Canada locations this looks like a big one Selectcore has missed out on.