Nice to see all the bashing had a real great effect on the warrants. Someone decided to lay down nearly $10K and take out the rest of the 1.5's. The decision point now for people would be to take out the dwindling 2's or you could place an order at 1.5 and hope they get filled. It's not such a great return potential as buying at 1, but still if the stock price lands at 20 sometime this year, SCG.wt should get up to 10 - 5 cents time value, 5 cents intrinsic value, so a move from 2 to 10 is still pretty good. Maybe Tim Hudak is buying up the warrants before he talks about SCG's City of Toronto cards some more. 


 Buy   Sell  SELECTCORE LTD WTS 9/20/1510:42:43 AM EST  SymbolTBidAskLastChangeVolumeFSI  SCG.WT CA V- (0.00%)650,000 

  Bid Lots 1,999 Ask Lots 452 Earn. Per Share 0.00  
  Day High 0.015 Day Low 0.015 Price/Earnings 0  
  Open 0.015 Yield 0.00 Dividend 0.00  
  52 Week High 0.02 52 Week Low 0.005 Ex-Dividend