............."You gotta be kidding!" 

We got another shorter, paid basher, loser low-life, waking up suddenly and realizing that the only way it can make money is by doing what it does best (with the most futile and emasculated effect) - bash and hope to buy loads of shares at a much higher price. This non-entity on our stockboard knows that extrement is going to hit the ceiling when more news is immeinent; especially with a news release today giving investors a very strong clue. 

It is too cheap to buy shares at current prices. It cannot justify buying it at market price because it would feel like a dollar store owner who bought inventory from North America instead of China and realizes it cannot make a profit selling it at above market price.

"You gotta be kidding!" - seriously? Are you that dumb not to realize how blatantly transparent and obvious you are in your bashing and childish tactics?

So, you like "watching train wrecks" and drooling over the possibility of many souls have passed away? You are a sick basher.

Perhaps you are perverteyes cousin....or perverteyes himself...re-incarnated as a psycho and loving to spew his toxic comments on this stockboard, focusing on everything that is wrong with a Company and looking SOLEly ON THE PAST as a measure of future performance. 

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound with your bashful comments? Perhaps you are too busy trying to earn a couple of pennys each time someone mentions your name on these stockboards. 

Psssst........a secret for you: Paid bashers do not make a grandiose living as you think and were lied to, when you accepted this job. ;)

McD's and Timmy's are constantly hiring and would you love to work for them. You would make a killing bashing their competitors. 

Mr. Profit